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Why Do You Need Professional Fire and Odor Restoration?

7/30/2020 (Permalink)

No matter the size, fire damage produces smoke and soot odors. SERVPRO knows how to remove these odors.

SERVPRO Fire and Odor Restoration Helps Raleigh Homes Smell Good Once More

Raleigh homeowners hope that they will never be the victim of a house blaze. And we certainly hope that a fire will not happen to you, either. However, no matter how attentive you are, sometimes a disaster occurs anyway, and this is where SERVPRO can help.

Raleigh homeowners who need fire and odor restoration services are often particularly concerned about the leftover smoky scent. It is natural to be worried about smoke smells – smoke has a distinctive aroma that is pervasive and hard to remove.

Why are smoke smells so pervasive?

Smoke smells are hard to eliminate because of the way smoke particles interact with nearby surfaces. Smoke particles are tiny – some may even be smaller than certain bacteria! Because smoke particles are little, it is easy for them to slip inside other materials and set up residence there.

Once smoke molecules penetrate other materials, it is tough to get the smell out. In the case of soot, the particles may also contain harmful chemicals.

Which materials smell worst after smoke damage?

Porous materials and materials that absorb smells readily are particularly susceptible to bad odors after a fire. Such materials include

  • Clothes
  • Upholstery
  • Fabric and drapes
  • Certain kinds of plastics
  • Wood and plaster used in building materials

Can I do anything to help with odor restoration?

There is lots of information out there about how to handle smoke odors. Suggestions include:

  • Airing out your home
  • Cleaning all upholstery and fabric
  • Throwing away anything that is smoke damaged
  • Mopping hardwood floors
  • Getting your carpets professionally cleaned 

SERVPRO understands the urge to clean up your home as quickly as possible, especially if it smells terrible. However, we recommend waiting until you have talked to one of our professional cleanup crews before deciding which actions to take.

Why do I need a professional cleanup crew?

SERVPRO recommends all local householders should call in a professional fire and odor remediation crew after a fire in Raleigh. We train our teams in the latest fire and odor restoration procedures. We equip our teams with extensive knowledge and all the necessary equipment to get better results than if you attempt to DIY everything.

Our teams assess every aspect of your home. Our assessment includes the structure itself and all the contents, including furniture, drapes, and even clothes and books. We train our teams to look at the extent of the damage and decide on the best course of action. When you work with us, you augment your chances of recovering essential items instead of throwing them away.

We also recommend calling in the professionals, so you do not put yourself in any danger. As we discussed earlier, soot particles can contain damaging chemicals. There are also health hazards associated with structural damage to your home, leftover water from firefighting efforts, and even hidden mold growth due to remaining damp patches.

What can SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Gardner do to help with odor removal?

Working with a professional team is the safest and most effective option for odor removal. We equip our technicians with a full range of equipment designed for battling odors and leaving your home smelling fresh.

Our visit begins with a professional assessment of your property and a comprehensive restoration plan designed to get your home livable again. We begin by removing leftover moisture from fire hoses or any other water. We have a range of extractors for this purpose, ranging from small wand extractors to powerful truck-mounted pumps. We take care of any immediate structural hazards such as broken windows or damaged masonry, to ensure the work area is entirely safe.

Once we have a blueprint in place, we set to work cleaning the surfaces in your home. Our cleaning methods range from spot cleaning and soaking to dry brushing and abrasion. Our teams know the best process for each material and level of smoke damage, so you can rest assured we always use the right method for the job at hand.

We do not stop when your home looks clean – we also carry out deodorization to ensure it smells fresh. We have many deodorizing techniques at our disposal. These include thermal fogging, odor-absorbing beads, air scrubbers, and even air movers and fans.

Because fighting odors is an essential part of our fire restoration work, you can rest assured that you will not be left struggling with unwanted smells that remind you of the fire. We understand that smoky aroma can be very upsetting to homeowners after a fire, so we include deodorization in our fire restoration efforts.

If you are concerned about lingering smoke smells after a fire, give SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Gardner a call at (919) 615-1179.

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