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How Can Raleigh Mold Damage Be Prevented?

5/1/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician installing a plastic containment barrier If your property has mold damage, call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

SERVPRO Techs Can Removal Traces Of A Raleigh Mold Infestation

Vigilance is the key to avoiding the need for mold remediation in Raleigh properties. Homeowners should be on the lookout for sources of humidity and moisture in the home. Common areas for mold to grow within a home include:

  • Around air conditioning units
  • Basements and crawl spaces
  • Attics
  • Bathrooms
  • Appliances such as refrigerators or dishwasher

To minimize the potential for mold damage, homeowners in Raleigh need to stay aware of the conditions in their homes and the state of the plumbing. It is helpful to keep and maintain interior humidity levels below 50% to discourage mold spores from germinating. This air moisture level is also too low to sustain mold colony growth. Leaks in the plumbing need to get addressed as soon as they are seen. Areas in the home that lack ventilation should have air movement methods to stop moist air from stagnating. Exhaust fans can assist in dispelling moisture. 

What Are The Signs of Mold Damage?

Although a mold infestation can grow behind the scenes in a home and can continue to spread until the conditions within the house do not allow it to sustain life. Even though mold damage does not announce itself, there are warning signs that colonies are present. One of the early warning signs that an area within the home needs mold remediation is the presence of a musty odor. Condensation on walls or other surfaces can indicate an issue with drainage or humidity in the room. Water stains on walls, floors, or ceilings can signify that mold lurks nearby. 

Types of Mold

A single type of mold does not cause mold damage. There are over 300,000 species of mold throughout the world, and each kind needs specific conditions to thrive. Nearly all types need warm, damp conditions with little to no ventilation; mold colonies need sustenance such as wood, cardboard, and sheetrock. Mold can also consume fabrics and even dead skin cells. 

How Soon Can Mold Damage Occur After Water Damage?

If the other conditions are right within a property, mold spores can germinate and spread as quickly as 24 to 72 hours after a leak or flood damage event within a home. When the mold grows on building materials, including insulation, they require disposal as they cannot get cleaned for reuse to a sanitary level. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians can identify the problem areas using their moisture detection equipment to show the most likely regions to sustain mold colonies. This enables the techs to target only the areas that need assistance and leave the entire home section intact. 

What DIY Methods Work Against Mold Damage?

Homeowners should not attempt to clean up a mold damage problem independently. One of the main reasons is that improper removal can launch spores into the air, and they can land in other areas of the property, and if the humidity levels and temperature are correct, the spores can grow and spread. SERVPRO technicians can safely remediate mold colonies and apply the treatments to inhibit any return of the problem. We have EPA-approved antimicrobial products to target and exterminate mold spores and colonies specifically.

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179 brings professional mold damage remediation services to the local Raleigh area. The IICRC trained and certified technicians can handle any size mold infestation and make it "Like it never even happened."

How Can Raleigh Homeowners Lessen The Chances of Water Damage?

5/1/2022 (Permalink)

green SERVPRO car on the side of the road No matter where the water damage is in your home, SERVPRO tackles it and makes it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Tips for Raleigh Property Owners to Avoid Water Cleanup

While burst pipes or floodwater in a Raleigh property are not unavoidable, there are things homeowners can do to lessen the potential. SERVPRO put together a list of actions property owners can use to take proactive measures against many types of damage from water.

Water damage in a Raleigh home can be expensive for a homeowner. The National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) estimated in a recent report that there are 650 broken water mains per day across the United States. That number will continue to increase as the pipes across America age and do not receive timely repairs or replacement. Most homeowners should be aware that water issues in the plumbing running through their property are not the problem of the local water company. It is on the homeowner for the repairs unless specifically covered. That is why regular inspections can nip water issues in the bud before they become large, expensive, damaging events within the structure. SERVPRO offers up the following tips to point out actions that homeowners can take to inhibit the potential for needing water cleanup in their homes. 

Water Damage Potential Areas to Watch

Here is a brief overview for local homeowners to avoid water damage:

  • Consider the age and state of repair for the plumbing within the home
  • Notice any trees on the property that could have roots affecting pipes between the yard and the street  
  • Clay soil has minerals that can corrode pipes

Older Pipes At The Root Of Water Mitigation Issues

According to the NAWC, the majority of the water pipes in the U.S. average 45 years or older. The older the plumbing is, the more likely it will need repair or undergo water damage causing a break. 

Tree Roots Can Destroy Water Pipes

The water damage potential from a pipe back up in a home has the potential to cause thousands of dollars in damages. Regularly looking for signs of a tree root invasion into a line can save homeowners the stress and expense of this situation. Signs to look for are:

  • Clogged or blocked drains happen regularly
  • Gurgling sounds after flushing the toilet
  • Sinkholes appearing in the yard can indicate a collapsed sewer pipe

Clay-Based Soil Can Cause Water Pipe Corrosion

When there is a large-scale leak outside of the home, it is usually only a matter of time until the water damage causes problems inside the property ranging from foundation issues to mold. While sandy soils have the least corrosive properties, soil with clay can have a high chloride content to damage the pipes over time, leading to leaks or weakening enough to burst. 

Preparing for Water Damage

Another issue in Raleigh homes that can bring water damage is the sudden change in the weather. In a study completed by the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), a mere ten-degree drop in temperature can stress main and service lines to the point of breakage, particularly in the cases of old pipes that need replacement. It is not unusual for sudden cold snaps to occur in this area. The simple act of winterizing exterior faucets by turning off the local supply and adding a Thinsulate covering can help avoid freezing pipes when the occasional winter storm or clipper system rolls through the area. 

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179 serves the Raleigh area with professional water damage mitigation services. The trained technicians arrive quickly to handle the extraction and drying for the property.

What Is The Best Way To Remove Raleigh Fire Damage and Soot?

5/1/2022 (Permalink)

two green SERVPRO cars in a parking lot When your home is damaged by a fire, be sure to call our team of fire restoration experts.

SERVPRO Techs Have Certifications for Raleigh Fire Mitigation

After a fire disaster in a Raleigh property, the first action by a homeowner may be to start the housefire cleanup on their own. Everything flames contact during a fire either get consumed by fire or covered in soot or both. Because of the potential for permanent staining or damage from DIY smoke damage removal methods, outsourcing the fire mitigation service is the best option for property owners. 

Raleigh fire damage restoration services should begin as soon as the fire department or other authority figure inspects the structural integrity of the residence and states the property is safe to enter. There are several challenges associated with smoke and fire damage cleanup, including:

  • Removal of soot
  • Air quality
  • Security 
  • Water damage cleanup

Removal of Smoke Damage

Soot particles can be less than 1/4th the size of a grain of sand and may rest upon surfaces or be airborne. Due to this duality, it is difficult to remove the residues using a single method. SERVPRO technicians bring air quality improvement tools to capture and dispose of airborne particulates while removing soot from surfaces. 

Handling Air Improvement

Post-fire, the air within the home has the pungent smell of smoke, and breathing the airborne particulates can irritate some people. SERVPRO techs set up containment when the worksite is limited to a single area within the residence. For large-scale house fire cleanup, they set up multiple air scrubbers or create negative air chambers to suction out the air within the home and exchange it with fresh air from outside at a more rapid pace. 

Security Measures Can Affect Air Quality

During a fire damage mitigation service, it is not unusual for the technicians to put up security tape and use tactics such as boarding up windows or doors. These home areas frequently get broken while the firefighters put out the fire. However, when windows get boarded up, it diminishes the airflow and stops toxins, odors, and particulates from leaving through air exchange methods unless the negative air method is used. 

Water Damage Often Comes With Fire Damage

The firefighters may use copious amounts of water to extinguish a house fire, and soot-laden water flows down and saturates carpets, seeps into the subflooring, and can wreck tiles. The techs use their moisture detection equipment to determine how widespread the migration of the water is and extract it quickly. 

Special Concern During Fire Damage Cleanup: Electronics

Any electrical appliances or devices in the vicinity of the fire should be assumed to have smoke damage until cleaned and tested. Some homeowners mistake trying a machine and, seeing that it runs fine post-fire, believes all is well. However, the chemicals in soot are corrosive. Once they accumulate on circuit boards and other crucial areas within an appliance or device, they can act as conductors that disrupt the usual electrical impulses along the pathways and cause permanent damage so severely the article no longer functions. Delicate or expensive electronics can be farmed out for specialized cleaning and repair.

Professionally Cleaning Items

Removing soot from items before reuse is vital, particularly in plastic objects containing halogen. When exposed to high heat, halogen releases hydrochloric acid, a very caustic element. SERVPRO technicians have specific cleaning agents to render acidic substances left behind by smoke residues inert. 

SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner at (919) 615-1179 performs professional Raleigh fire damage restoration services for the local area. The trained and certified technicians are on-call for any size smoke and fire damage cleanup needed.

SERVPRO Offers Safe and Effective Mold Remediation in Raleigh

4/30/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing on the wall behind a cabinet Finding a mold infestation in your home does not need to cause widespread panic. Contact SERVPRO before the situation escalates. We're here 24/7.

Our Raleigh Mold Remediation Specialists Know How to Restore Your Home Safely

Not all remediators in Raleigh know the safest and most effective procedures for restoring mold-damaged homes. This reality is important, given that both your residence and the well-being of your family are at stake when mold-related issues arise. With this in mind, you can rest assured that SERVPRO is a firm that knows how to best clean up and restore this type of damage.

SERVPRO, a mold remediation service in Raleigh, has extensive training and experience in dealing with residential bacterial and fungal contamination. Over the years, company mold specialists have safeguarded local homeowners and successfully completed countless mold inspection jobs, mold removal efforts, and black mold damage repairs. When performing their work, SERVPRO’s technicians adhere to the following time-tested procedures:

  • First, they remain mindful of health and safety concerns by warning residents of potential mold-related hazards, attempting to avoid disturbing impacted areas before appropriate containment measures have been taken, and limiting everyone’s overall exposure to the mold present
  • Next, remediators document interior conditions like the extent of the damage, the amount of moisture saturation, and the specific parts of the residence impacted
  • Then, cleanup and mitigation crews work to prevent mold from becoming airborne, contain fungi-impacted areas, and ultimately prevent the further spread of contamination to other parts of the home
  • At the same time, hopelessly mold-fouled items are removed, soiled surfaces are damp-wiped with detergents, and excessive fungal spores are vacuumed into HEPA filters 
  • Also, during this entire process, the original issue fostering mold growth is located, resolved, and then interior moisture readings are reduced to levels below those favorable to the fungi

Considering all of this, remember SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh/Garner if you ever need mold remediation work done. We are ready to assist you at (919) 615-1179 whenever you need our services.

Microbes Threaten Raleigh Homes Impacted by Flood Damage

4/30/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded living room with water covering the floor and furniture floating everywhere Floodwaters can pose many dangers to the homeowner. Don’t take unnecessary risks and contact SERVPRO for effective water removal and remediation.

Microbe-Related Flood Damage in Raleigh Can Be Reduced by Limiting Fuel Sources

It is widely understood that the greatest threats to flood-impacted Raleigh area homes are those associated with microorganisms. Microscopic creatures carried by floodwaters are capable of causing all kinds of residential problems, ranging from persistent musty odors and discolorations to structure-destroying dry rot. Luckily, these issues can be prevented or mitigated by limiting the factors influencing microbial growth.

The Raleigh flood damage remediation experts at SERVPRO routinely deal with black water microbes and tirelessly work to minimize their effects on your home. They remain forever mindful of these threats while performing biohazard remediation, sewage cleanup, water removal services, and water damage remediation efforts. Once on-site, our highly-trained and experienced technicians act to hinder the growth of microorganisms by:

  • Quickly extracting standing water with state-of-the-art equipment and drying water-saturated areas behind structural elements, like floors, walls, and ceilings, with advanced Injectidry systems
  • Reducing interior moisture levels and keeping the inside of your residence below 60% relative humidity, the point at which mold and other microbes start to proliferate
  • Maintaining room temperatures below sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature at which microbial growth begins to be fostered
  • Removing or properly treating all potential food sources for microorganisms, like dirt, wood, drywall, insulation, and other organic materials, with disinfectants or antifungals

Once all of these measures have been taken, your home is usually protected from further flood-related damage associated with bacterial or fungal growths.

So, as a responsible homeowner, always be prepared for potential flood damage by knowing who to call when the unthinkable occurs. Also, remember that your neighbors at SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh/Garner are always here for you and can be reached at (919) 615-1179 whenever you need our assistance.

Deodorization Is a Major Part of Water Restoration in Garner

4/30/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles in a parking lot When your store is affected by water damage, call team SERVPRO. Our technicians are standing by 24/7 to assess the situation help you.

Water Restoration in Garner Employs Various Methods to Deodorize Commercial Sites

Foul smells are a hallmark of water damage in Garner area businesses and their elimination is a major goal of remediators. Performing this essential deodorization work necessitates the use of various methods, depending on the materials and situations involved. Fortunately, firms like SERVPRO are experts at all the necessary procedures. 

SERVPRO offers a wide array of high-quality water restoration solutions to Garner business owners. Our odor neutralization efforts address the specific causes of unwanted smells and remove them in ways appropriate for the impacted surfaces. The following is an accounting of the different odor removal methods we use:

  • Large areas of impacted hard flooring are mopped with EPA-approved disinfectants and a ULV fogger is used to fog them with the deodorant best suited for the job
  • After water extraction, both sides of carpeting and its subflooring are treated with disinfectants and then they are fogged with odor neutralizers
  • Pump sprayers or ULV foggers are used to deodorize ceilings and walls
  • After all upholstery has been cleaned and treated for fungi, injection devices or misting foggers are used to apply odor eliminators 
  • Water-impacted areas of your business are thoroughly dried and odor-reducing pellets are used to mitigate smells in more odorous parts of your facilities

In addition to these odor elimination activities, our other emergency water damage services include locating the ceiling leaks and burst pipes that cause your problems, fast and effective water removal services, and expert water damage repairs.

With all of this in mind, remember that your helpful neighbors at SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh/Garner are always here and ready to assist you with all of your water restoration needs. So, whenever you are impacted by a water-related event, don’t hesitate to call us at (919) 615-1179.

SERVPRO Offers Clean Water Damage Restoration in Garner

3/27/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded laundry room with water covering the floor When water damage affects your home, any delays are critical. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and water damage restoration services. Call us 24/7.

Our Drying Techniques Are Crucial to Water Damage Restoration in Garner

Unlike contaminated floodwaters, clean water generally does less severe damage to Garner homes and is more easily remediated. This fact indicates that fewer microbial threats are usually present and a greater number of household contents can be saved. Ultimately, cleaning up and restoring these issues largely depends on how swiftly and thoroughly moisture can be dried up.

SERVPRO’s water damage restoration experts in Garner are highly-trained and experienced in drying up excess leak-related water. They are knowledgeable in the performance of all emergency water damage services, like fixing burst pipes and ceiling leaks and resolving the harmful effects of basement flooding. When completing their clean water removal and drying work, our technicians: 

  • Ensure there are no dangerous electrical or other issues that could harm residents or workers; if there are, they post warning signs and protect everyone involved
  • Move or block furniture and remove any other items that could stain carpets or suffer additional water damage
  • Try to remove any staining before things are dried
  • Attempt to limit drying times by extracting as much water as possible from carpets and other floorings with powerful, portable, or truck-mounted extractors
  • Ventilate difficult-to-access places behind walls, ceilings, and other structural elements
  • Establish a balanced drying system consisting of the right ratio of state-of-the-art air movers, dehumidifiers, and Injectidry systems

Once these steps have been taken, homes and their contents are treated with strong antifungals and deodorants. These final measures ensure that harmful fungi, like dry rot and mold, are prevented and foul, water-related odors are eliminated.

With all of this in mind, remember that quality water damage restoration is available nearby at your local SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh/Garner. We are always here to assist you and can be reached at (919) 615-1179 whenever you need us.

Flood Damage Remediation in Raleigh Requires Special Measures

3/27/2022 (Permalink)

a flood damaged ceiling that is dropping from the weight of the floodwater Flooding can come in through loose roof tiles and damage the ceilings in your home. Team SERVPRO offers a fast response to help minimize damages.

The Clean Up and Restoration of Raleigh Flood Damage Must Be Safe and Hygienic

Throughout the year, powerful storms routinely batter homes in the Raleigh area with high winds and heavy rains. The resulting storm damage comes in many forms, including missing roof tiles, clogged gutters, leaky ceilings, cracked or shattered windows, and flooded basements or ground floors. When cleaning up these messes, special hygienic measures are necessary.

Raleigh flood damage cleanup firms like SERVPRO must take special steps to safely remediate the hazardous effects of black water. These measures are essential given that, unlike clean water, floodwaters are almost always fouled with harmful contaminants like toxic chemicals, farm wastes, and sewage. As a credentialed biohazard cleaning company, SERVPRO is professionally skilled at biohazard remediation, including sewage cleanup, water removal services, water damage repairs, and overall flood restoration.

A few of the specialized procedures we follow in cleaning up harmful, flood-related materials are:

  • Always posting warning signs about dangers present, containing hazardous materials to prevent them from contaminating unaffected places, and treating impacted areas with powerful, EPA-approved disinfectants
  • Removing silt and debris from floors with rakes/shovels and then expertly disposing of them in environmentally friendly ways
  • Throwing out carpeting and padding impacted by floodwaters, pressure washing structural components, and disinfecting their surfaces with strong antimicrobials
  • Assessing structural elements and special contents, based on their porosity and the type of contaminants involved, to determine their salvageability
  • Removing irreparably-impacted materials, extracting remaining standing water, and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces
  • Using a balanced system of air movers, dehumidifiers, and Injectidry systems to dry out interiors and prevent further water-related damage

As you can see, SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh/Garner is your go-to place for flood damage cleanup and restoration. So, whenever flooding impacts your residence, remember to call your helpful neighbors at (919) 615-1179 for assistance.

Cleanability Tests Are Crucial in Raleigh Fire Damage Restoration

3/27/2022 (Permalink)

a fire damaged house with yellow tape over the doorways Fire damage restoration needs to happen very quickly after an event. Team SERVPRO offers effective clean-up and other services. Contact us 24/7.

Cleanability Tests Ensure That Raleigh Fire Damage Restoration Is Swift and Effective

When remediating fire damage in Raleigh, it is exceedingly helpful to know what can be cleaned and what methods and equipment can do it most effectively. This information enables cleanup and restoration professionals to quickly focus on what is salvageable and employ the right equipment to best complete their work, saving homeowners both time and money.

Fire damage restoration in Raleigh, like that provided by services such as SERVPRO, can be quite costly if efforts aren’t properly directed to ensure the greatest efficiency. Knowing where fire and smoke damage is and what might be required to perform house fire clean up and fire restoration efforts is at least half the battle of rehabilitating fire damaged homes. Moreover, it gets the remediation process off to a good start and helps technicians better direct their labors. 

Cleanability testing accomplishes the following things:

  • These checks tell workers where fire and smoke-related residues are, if these residues are cleanable, and if they have resulted from this or a previous fire
  • It allows for more accurate damage estimates, identifies what specific items can and cannot be cleaned, and tells restorers what does not need to be worked on
  • Such procedures give estimators and IICRC-certified technicians a better idea of how much time and money are going to be required to finish the job, as well as what supplies and equipment need to be used
  • It helps better explain your restoration work to insurance adjusters and contrast it with that of contractors who intend to replace or rebuild things 

So, with all of this in mind, remember your neighborhood SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh/Garner whenever you need fast, quality, and cost-effective fire damage restoration work done on your home. Call us anytime at (919) 615-1179 for help.

Which Restoration Firm Performs Efficient Water Mitigation in Raleigh Homes?

2/9/2022 (Permalink)

water spewing from a pipe Water damage quickly spreads. SERVPRO is always available to restore your home.

SERVPRO Can Perform Water Mitigation in Your Raleigh Home Effectively

Water leaks in a home are always unpleasant to discover. They can disrupt your daily lifestyle, creating uncertainty and stress. Your next decision determines how extensive the damage spreads.

You should contact SERVPRO restorers as soon as possible to perform water mitigation in your Raleigh property. Since we understand how quickly water damage can spread, we respond as promptly as possible. Water mitigation is the process of preventing further water damage. It is the initial step in the water damage restoration process, which brings buildings back to their original condition. SERVPRO’s mitigation process ensures that your family is in a healthy environment and your property is free from water damage. It involves: 

  • Water damage inspection
  • Water removal
  • Removing ruined contents
  • Drying

SERVPRO uses the most sophisticated technology, tools, and authorized products to speed up mitigation. We use portable extractors to remove water from floors and clean carpets and upholstery. With portable extractors, our technicians can access even the restricted areas of your property.

We also use evaporation and dehumidification to remove moisture from the building materials during the drying process. Our SERVPRO technicians can use desiccant dehumidifiers to dry your home. Desiccants, chemicals used in desiccant dehumidifiers, work by pulling moisture from the air. The desiccants have a high affinity for water, and they absorb moisture from the air that the dehumidifier processes. Heated air is then passed across the desiccant material, causing it to release the water it contains. Finally, the moisture-laden air is vented out of the building. Desiccant dehumidifiers are beneficial for the following reasons: 

  • The equipment performs effectively in drier and colder conditions where refrigerant dehumidifiers do not.
  • They produce the driest air, generating air with the least vapor pressure.
  • They operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and remove moisture from the air where the humidity ratio is as low as 15 gpp.

Do not allow water damage to jeopardize the comfort of your home. Contact SERVPRO of Southeast Raleigh / Garner (919) 615-1179 for effective water mitigation services. “We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.”